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15 minutes of useful info (although not many comedy moments on this class) about the differences between being a Sole Trader and a Limited Company to help you decide or check if you’ve chosen the right structure for you.

Included in the class:

  • What a business is (yes, we really do start with the basics!)
  • How to calculate profit (hint on the answer to the above ^^)
  • Sole Trader vs. Limited Company – what they both look like
  • The responsibilities and requirements for each type of business
  • Tax and other things…
  • Getting your hands on the money (most important question!) depending on the type of business you have
  • Pros & Cons of Sole Trader vs. Limited Company
  • The ‘Red Herring’ table (if you think it’s all about tax, you might be surprised)
  • Shareholders and Directors (and when they’re not the same thing)

We’ve lifted this class straight out of Small Business Finance School and there’s plenty more where that came from. But we thought you’d appreciate some know-how for nothing, so do enjoy the class on us.


Archna and Lucy

PS. Small Business Finance School is only open for enrolment 3 times a year and right now the doors are open ‘til Saturday 21st October, so if you like this class and want more, you know where to go!