I’m speaking with Archna and Lucy from the Small Business Finance School about being brave about your numbers in business so you can build the business you want to. In their small business finance school they cover topics such as

In their Small Business Finance School they cover topics such as:

  • Business Basics (includes what type of business to be and tax overview)
  • VAT (more interesting that it sounds!)
  • Tax (see note above)
  • Business ‘admin’ (what to do day-to-day)
  • Official stuff (rules, regulations, etc.)
  • Business numbers that make a difference
  • Accounting for employees (including pensions)

Register now and we’ll send you the link to join us LIVE on Tuesday

Join us LIVE and you can ask about those things too, as we’d love to make sure you get to be brave and confident about your accounts (and not be scared of your accountant!).


PS. And if you’re wondering what I’m doing recommending being brave about accounting for small business – I am a student of the Small Business Finance School, too! So we’d love you to join us for a conversation about keeping more of your business money! Register above and we’ll send you the details.