Maxine Hargreaves and Lucy Whittington – A conversation about Business Money

Here’s your recording from the conversation today about your Business Money. Lucy is one half (the small business half!) of Small Business Finance School (the other half is Archna who is an accountant) and we talked about how knowing and not knowing your ‘money stuff’ is important and might stop you having as much fun as you’d like.

We talked about–getting money out of your business, why you most likely act the ‘same’ for personal and business money in your actions, why as an accountant you still might not even know all the ins and outs of small business finance, we laughed (again) at my shoe story (when I tried to claim a pair on expenses). We also talked about how even using different words for the same thing can be a recipe for confusion when it comes to your accounts! We explored the classic ‘turnover is vanity’ saying, and why you can’t just ‘take money’ from your business as and when you want!

Enjoy the recording and don’t forget... if you’d like ‘in’ for this enrolment of Small Business Finance School you can join us here...

Maxine, Lucy (& Archna!)