A tax red herring and a software rant

Ask an accountant...

Find out the answers to questions like:

  • What is it that every business owner always asks their accountant?
  • What makes you put your head in your hands as an accountant when a client does it...
  • What exactly is it that an accountant does? (I have one – & even I needed to know!)
  • What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?
  • Sole Trader vs Limited company – what’s the best option (**spoiler alert** tax red herring comes up here)
  • Why software isn’t the answer (this was my rant!)
  • What the 4 key numbers are that every business owner should keep their eye on

Lots more answers like these in the classes at the Small Business Finance School:

Archna & Lucy

PS. If you like the idea of joining summer school, a couple of things to add: it’s actually not a course–there’s no homework, no ‘thing to complete’–instead think of it as a resource library and an ‘education’ in all things small business accounting. If you are away over the summer (which we’re hoping you are), don’t worry either–it’s a ‘watch when you want’ thing and there’s a Facebook group to ask questions whenever you think of them. It’s all very relaxed... which is what you’ll be when you know what the heck your accountant is on about 🙂