Catherine Watkin & Lucy Whittington – Let’s talk launches recording

If you joined us live you’ll know we managed to ‘talk launches’ for almost 90 minutes (!) today. So you may want to make a pot instead of a cup of tea...

But we had a LOT to talk about. Including:

  • Why we launch and what a launch is (our definitions)
  • What sort of things you can launch–we shared our examples and lots of others too. Because you don’t need a ‘course’ to launch as you can apply the principles to a lot of things...
  • When to launch–we both do this differently but based on the same ‘idea’ (and why it’s always about timing)
  • How we handle price, bonuses, special offers and deadlines–our examples and ‘experiments’
  • The day of all the emails... and when how many is not too many (and the thinking around that)
  • Who supports us on our launches–team wise, tech wise & emotionally
  • When a launch is a good idea (and when it’s not)
  • The joy of a beta launch (and why we both love them)
  • The tumbleweed moments when you sell nothing... and how we can laugh about them now (we didn’t say we were perfect!)

I am sure there’s more as we did natter on, answering questions as we went. And if you missed that Lucy is ‘mid launch’ right now with Small Business Finance School here’s the link to find out more about that...

Enjoy the recording!

Catherine & Lucy

PS. You will now get a couple of reminders about Small Business Finance School this week (it’s a launch, after all!)–of course you can unsubscribe at any time but we’re hoping you won’t.