Cat Townsend

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Talking with an accountant can make even the most experienced business owner feel like a complete numpty.

The step-by-step lessons in the Small Business Finance School - with Archna honing in on the important detail, and Lucy relating it back to the bigger picture - make it possible for every small business owner to feel more confident and in control of their finances.

The Small Business Finance School should be mandatory education for all wannabe entrepreneurs!

Dr. Libby Hodges

Libby Hodges

For some reason I get paralysed by fear by anything financial - even struggle to answer simple emails from my accountants. I'm sure they're very nice people but they terrify me.

All things tax bring me out in hives! I wish I'd had this years ago!

Sally Pepper

Sally Pepper

Lucy and Archna have managed to take what I find a dry subject and make it palatable!

The videos are easy to watch and short; enough to give you a good dose of information on the topic but not too long that your mind wanders off! Simple explanation makes it easy to understand and you can always rewind if you miss something.

When you feel you should understand what your accountant is saying but don’t, and feel awkward asking - this is for you!

Lynda Holt

Lynda Holt

I was really excited to find out about the Small Business Finance School, I work with a lot of small business owners and know this is an area they find confusing and sometimes daunting. Lucy and Archna have taken complex, and some might say dry, information and created interesting, informative classes that help you to get your head around the facts, the terminology and most importantly how to use them in your business.

Each class is easy to follow, in part because of the beautiful design of the programme, and flow charts and illustrations that bring the facts to life.

I was so impressed with the content of the course I am going to be using it to train my own team as well as recommending it to my clients. This really is the best finance for humans course I’ve seen.

Stressed person

Creditors? Debtors? Which one owes me money? Oh yes, of course I know I can’t just take out the money I need for my bills and holidays from my business **coughs** erm, yes I knew I had to charge VAT now... receipts, of course I have them all, and I think everyone has paid me that I invoiced, and I’m sure I can tell you right now what I owe in tax... and exactly when that’s due… pensions? Of course that’s all organised, er...